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Announcement: Support for OpenTelemetry Collector

CoGuard CLI adds configuration file security scanning support for OpenTelemetry users. CoGuard provides OpenTelemetry users an automated pre-deployment security scanning tool that identifies and scans Collector configuration files and their dependencies for known misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

Albert Heinle
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Albert Heinle

CoGuard CLI  (version 0.1.18 and later) adds support for the published OpenTelemetry security recommendations.

CoGuard adds configuration file security scanning support for OpenTelemetry users. Users continue to define receivers, exporters and processors for OpenTelemetry Collectors in configuration files. CoGuard uses the OpenTelemetry Collector configuration files to discover container and application dependencies, find misconfigurations and raise known vulnerabilities before deployment. CoGuard incorporates the published security recommendations and provides tools to help DevOps and Security teams ensure they are meeting the best practices configuration security practices available.

CoGuard is looking forward to the ongoing feedback from the OpenTelemetry community and other DevOps users. And we will continue to extend the CoGuard engine to include future extensions built for OpenTelemetry.

About Log Management and Configuration File Security

The collection, processing, interpretation and other handling of logs is a problem we, in DevOps, have had since the beginning of time (expressed as epoch time 0).  Log management continues to be a challenge. It can be expensive because of the memory and storage needs or the suitability of existing solutions for specific stacks. While the solutions can be adapted and adopted in different settings, you’re often blazing new paths and trails to use existing solutions with different tool stacks.

There are many monitoring tools and many different approaches to log management found in the wild. From Zabbix to the ELK stack, there are tool stacks and approaches to collection, analysis and interpretation in a variety of time periods. Each solution targets a specific audience, with specific constraints, needs and desired outcomes. The rise of Kubernetes and the adoption of microservices has exponentially increased, and requires a change in the collection and handling of logs. The complexity continues to increase when you place data privacy compliance like GDPR, there is a need to update the approach to all for a more flexible future stage.

About OpenTelemetry

OpenTelemetry is a framework and collection of tools that can instrument, generate, collect, and export telemetry data (metrics, logs, and traces) from your software applications and their dependents. It is one of the leading CNCF incubated projects with a strong, growing community. The OpenTelemetry team has published clear and straightforward security recommendations.

About CoGuard

CoGuard provides automated security scanning of configuration files and their interdependencies against known security vulnerabilities and dangerous/risky default configurations at each layer of the IaC software chain.

CoGuard provides security tools to identify, automate and scan software configuration files and their dependencies to detect vulnerabilities and misconfigurations pre-deployment.  CoGuard provides tools to scan systems and configuration files for on-prem, hybrid, and cloud infrastructure configuration files and their dependencies for vulnerabilities including misconfigurations, configuration drift, compliance violations and unauthorized privileged escalations as part of the build and deployment process.

Learn more about integrating CoGuard into your build process at

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