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AI-driven, patent-backed technology offering comprehensive configuration static analysis for cloud, IaC, containers, and applications, enabling the fastest, most in depth white box penetration testing and infrastructure security audits on the market. Install in your CI/CD pipeline for ongoing security.
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White-Box Penetration Testing

Deep dive into your assets and strengthen your defenses with our expert-led penetration testing services. Our automated system and  human expertise help you identify and remediate vulnerabilities before attackers do – giving you confidence in the security of your software and cloud applications.
Automated scanning rapidly identifies vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, reducing the time and cost associated
with traditional manual testing methods
Advanced analysis eliminates false positives and ensuring that only critical issues are reported
Actionable guidance on how to remediate identified vulnerabilities, prioritized by risk level and
business impact

Infrastructure Security Audits

CoGuard's team of experts and automated tools identify gaps and weaknesses, providing you with a roadmap to achieve compliance and reduce risk. Have an in depth infrastructure audit and discover actionable fixes to get your infrastructure compliant, quicker.
Automation + human insights to go beyond vulnerabilities and add context to findings
Infrastructure audits that include emerging software practices including on-prem, cloud-based, hybrid, serverless, edge computing and beyond
Flexible rules for unique environment including off-chain components for slashing and downtime for Web3 proof-of-stake node operators including slashing for  node operators

Infrastructure Design Services

We help your teams set up or migrate to an up-to-date, secure and fast application development and infrastructure provisioning process. Our infra experts discover where you are at, where you want to go, and help implement architectural design changes to get you there, fast.
Real-time communication with our team of security experts
Receive design recommendations that meet relevant regulations and standards (e.g., HIPAA, PCI-DSS), ensuring your infrastructure is compliant and secure.
Templates, patterns, anti-patterns to help your team adapt existing tooling and best practices to increase your security posture

Automate. Analyze. Secure.

Automated Infrastructure Security Audits

Reduce manual testing time by up to 90% and increase the accuracy of your security audits. Include CoGuard in your CI/CD pipeline to run continuous audits and prevent misconfigurations from taking down your systems.

Our platform automates the tedious process of conducting security audits by discovering infrastructure and applications through configurations and code repositories.

Intelligent Vulnerability Prioritization

Focus on the most critical vulnerabilities first, reducing the time and resources spent on low-priority issues and noisy warnings.

CoGuard provides actionable mitigation of vulnerabilities including remediation instructions and auto-remediation of the most configuration issues.

AI-Driven Automation for Emerging Tech

Extend your security coverage to include new and emerging technologies, even if they don't have established best practices or predefined security benchmarks.

Our platform extracts key configuration parameters from software manuals and documentation to extend our security and configuration checks.

Infrastructure Discovery Automation

Reduce the cost and complexity of infrastructure discovery and identification.

CoGuard scans source code, IaC, containers, applications and cloud hosting providers to build a more complete picture of your running infrastructure. Retest your infrastructure, containers, cloud and applications for free.

Secure Your Infra, Improve Your Posture

Make sure your cloud security controls are setup to be effective and are configured correctly across all of your cloud services and infrastructure.

CoGuard extracts cloud configurations to find hidden or unused services, helping clients eliminate unnecessary cloud costs, and scans the setup for known vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, reducing the risk of costly rework or reputation damage from a breach.  

CoGuard provides comprehensive coverage for your technology stack

View our Open AI funded research on the use of LLMs to discover policies online HERE>

Public cloud providers

AWS LightSail
AWS Nitro
AWS AppRunner
AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Compute
GCP App Engine
GCP Compute Engine
GCP Cloud Storage
GCP Kubernetes Engine
GCP Cloud Function
GCP Cloud Disk
GCP Cloud Firewall
GCP Cloud Instance
GCP Cloud Subnetwork
GCP Container Cluster
OVH Cloud
Digital Ocean

Infrastructure as code (IaC)

AWS CloudFormation
Azure Resource Manager
Google Cloud Deployment Manager
Chef Server

Databases/ NoSQL

Postgres SQL
AWS Aurora
AWS Redshift
AWS Dynamo
Azure SQL
Azure Database for MySQL
Azure Database for Postgres
Azure Database for MariaDB
Azure Cachhe for Redis
Azure Data Lake Storage
AzureCosmos DB
Apache Hive
Apache Druid
AWS Redshift
AWS Dynamo
GCP BigTable
GCP BigQuery
GCP Memorystore

Source Control & CI/CD

Gitlab CI/CD
GitHub Actions
BitBucket Pipelines
AWS CodeCommit
AWS  CodeDeploy
AWS CodeBuild
AWS CodePipeline
Azure DevOps
Azure Pipelines
GCP Cloud Deploy
GCP Cloud Build


Apache httpd
Microsoft IIS
Apache Tomcat

Big Data/ MapReduce

Apache Hadoop
GCP BigTable
Azure Databricks
Azure Analysis Services

Streaming services

Apache Kafka
Apache Solr
AWS Kinesis
GCP Pub/Sub
GCP Dataflow

Authentication Services

AWS Cognito


AWS Identity and Access Management

Containers and orchestration

Helm charts

Data Processing


Message Queue


Operating System


Get Instant Insights into Your Infrastructure's Security Posture

CoGuard helps teams solve infrastructure complexity with automation.
Press Release

CoGuard Extends Infrastructure Security with OpenAI Cybersecurity Grant Funded Research

CoGuard adds AI-driven automation to add infrastructure security and configuration rules with OpenAI's Cyber Security Grant program.
25 Apr
Press Release

Quantstamp partners with CoGuard for Infrastructure Security Audits

CoGuard supports the widest variety of infrastructure models and applications including unique configurations for Web3 including proof-of-stake and slashing.
7 Jun
Press Release

Teledyne FLIR ELB team uses CoGuard

"CoGuard team has been instrumental for us to fix issues and maintain an overall stability of the system. We were able to do more with the resources available to us."
7 Jul
DevOps Tips

A Deeper Look into CoGuard

Reduce infrastructure security audit time and effort through automated discovery tools. Improve security by simulating your live cloud environment with a pentest.
Albert Heinle
13 Sep

Unlocking the Power of AI-Driven Infrastructure Security

What our clients are saying about building infrastructure faster & more securely with CoGuard.
“[CoGuard] has been instrumental for us to fix issues and maintain an overall stability of the system. We were able to do more with the resources available to us.”
Alan Willemsen
ELB Team Lead, Teledyne-FLIR
“CoGuard provides an automated way to identify and map compliance controls to slashing risk for each client. Chainproof can assess the risk of a company’s infrastructure configuration in advance."
Dr. Sebastian Banescu
CEO, Chainproof
"Working with CoGuard, our team was able to improve the reliability of our IT foundation by giving us critical insights into our configuration quality and security in a timely manner."
John Preiditsch
President Six S Partners
The CoGuard report is very insightful and I am happy to learn that we are well protected and know how to address open holes in our cyber defence system. The check from within brought items to the surface that a penetration test failed to recognize.
Dietmar Wennemer
President & CEO, Virtek Vision
“We are asked regularly about our security posture. While we tracked the ELB development well, kept architecture documents up to date and ensured that our SBOM was being accurate and complete, there was the concern about misconfiguration. Not all team members of ours can be expected to be experts in every technology that we use.”
Alan Willemsen
ELB Team Lead, Teledyne-FLIR

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