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It's official! We have launched an open source project, coguard_cli, click here to join our community and contribute.

Master your IT infrastructure with CoGuard

You would not believe what is lurking in the nooks and crannies of your infrastructure! Take our docker security study as an example. Commonly downloaded Docker images are prone to serious vulnerabilities if used out of the box. And then there are vulnerabilities hidden away in trusted services. Take this vulnerable AWS Kafka default configuration as an example. To master the beast, use CoGuard. 

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Be smart. Use protection! Prevent a headache later.

Install a script into your CI/CD pipeline and run CoGuard against all layers of your IT infrastructure to make sure you are fully protected. With CoGuard’s scanning capability embedded into your IT workflow, every configuration file is versioned and tracked. Before any change occurs, CoGuard goes to work to check if the integrity of the entire system might be compromised. By understanding the different pieces of your IT infrastructure, their interactions, and the role of each configuration file, CoGuard will help you understand the impact of change so risk to your infrastructure is minimized. CoGuard can also learn custom rules, letting your innovation take the front seat! 


We get it. You do not have time for complicated tooling or processes and neither do we!

That's why we created CoGuard. Not sure where to begin or how to go looking for configuration files? Planning a cloud migration and want to ensure functionality remains unaffected? We’ve got you. CoGuard is quick to set up and use. Using our free, simple command line tool, you can start with auto discovering what's installed inside your containers and what's needed to make sure they are setup correctly. Or you can dive even deeper into your infrastructure with an enterprise solution catered specifically to your needs. 

Did you know our Demo calls always include a CoGuard developer-click to learn why!