Reduce your exposure. 

Build rock-solid IT infrastructures.

Comprehensively manage configuration security and quality risks with CoGuard.

CoGuard finds errors your other tools have missed.

Current configuration security tools specialize in container or pipeline security. CoGuard scans every individual configuration file in your network and their interconnections. 


Follow the OWASP Top 10ITIL framework, and software manual instructions, as you are configuring

Scans and provides fixes for individual configuration files

Scans software interconnection before deployment

Supports all services deployed in your IT infrastructure

CoGuard is your one-stop-shop for configuration validation

Coguard fits well in your CI/CD pipeline.


Use CoGuard to scan your configurations for deviations from best practice and security vulnerabilities before deployment.


With the CoGuard report, you can measure the quality of work done, assess security risk, and receive documention on fixes required.


Make CoGuard the the first step of your deployment process to ensure that you only deploy configurations done right!

Scan Today

You can try out CoGuard Lite today by completing a single service scan online HERE.

Reduce Downtime

Use CoGuard to scan your configurations for deviations from best practice and security vulnerabilities, before deployment and avoid costly downtime later. 

Automate Compliance

CoGuard measures your network configurations against compliance requirements and data privacy laws including CIS, PCI, SOC 2, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Eliminate Security Risks

CoGuard provides continuous in-depth security risk assessments on your configurations to ensure that you build your business on a secure, reliable foundation. 


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