Prevent human error caused data breaches with automation!

IT infrastructures have become so complex, and there are too many human processes involved.



Spent annually worldwide on information security solutions -Gartner(2018)


Annual data breach losses reported worldwide -Juniper Research(2019)

Do not take our word for it!

The risk is very real and grows every time you expand your network.

22% of breaches are due to human error

According to Verizon, of the 3,950 confirmed data breaches, 22% of these were caused by human error (misconfiguration!).  

€20m or 4% of revenue in GDPR fines

The GDPR fines the higher amount of €20 million or 4% of the firm’s worldwide annual revenue from the preceding financial year.

Misconfiguration is ranked in the TOP 5

Verizon has also revealed that misconfiguration has risen to be one of the TOP 5 data breach threat action varieties! 

No company is exempt from this risk

Large companies who use current cyber security tools are facing the consequences of human error caused data breach.   

$4.5m USD in data breach expense

According to IBM (2020), the average cost of a data breach in Canada was 4.5M USD! Does your company want to risk this?

Are you scared yet?  So are we!

Right now, your IT infrastructure could be vulnerable to a misconfiguration caused data breach.  CoGuard is here to help!


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