I am Albert Heinle, co-founder and CEO of Heinle Solutions.  A native of Germany, I came to Canada in 2013 to earn my PhD in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo.  Upon graduation, I went to work in software engineering and cloud developing in Waterloo region.  In August 2020, my co-founder Nadia Mazzarolo and I launched our company, Heinle Solutions, to bring the world of DevOps a new static analysis, pre-deployment tool, CoGuard. We invite you to read more about this journey below.

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CoGuard's Story

I found myself, like many others, a software engineer working in the area of DevOps deployments.  I  searched for an automated static analysis tool, that is standard to software engineers to use as they code, to aid my work configuring services.  As I code, it is extremely helpful to continuously scan my work into static analysis software (e.g. Coverity) to ensure that I do not make any mistakes before I deploy code into production. I expected a similar tool to exist for my work configuring and updating services to be deployed into IT infrastructures and was surprised to find that such a tool did not exist. 

At the same time, I was observing a trend in reported data breaches, namely, that misconfigurations were causing an alarming and rising amount of breaches.  Putting two and two together, I then realized the main cause of this was a combination of the growing complexity of IT infrastructures and the lack of pre-deployment static analysis.  What makes CoGuard the solution to this problem is that CoGuard is extensible to any configuration type and our enterprise solutions scan the configuration file itself and its interconnection within the network.  In addition, since CoGuard is used pre-deployment, it ensures that work deployed into the IT infrastructure will not leave IT infrastructures vulnerable to misconfiguration caused data breaches.  

CoGuard has transformed my approach to IT infrastructure deployments.  Even as I set up our CoGuard Specific cloud service, I was able to use CoGuard and it significantly decreased the time needed to deploy this service.  At the same time, I also know that my work was done according to best practices and avoided known security vulnerabilities.  If you are like me, you do not have time to search through hundreds of pages of software manuals and update yourself on the latest security vulnerabilities each time you are asked to deploy or update services into your IT infrastructure. 

CoGuard is here to help!  Please reach out and connect with us at any time with any questions you may have or to inquire about how we can get you started with CoGuard today.  Together, we can transform DevOps deployments to make our lives easier and our IT infrastructures more secure.


Nadia Mazzarolo, Co-founder


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Are you inspired by our story?

For more information regarding partnerships and working with us, I invite you to reach out and contact me directly, as we are looking to expand our team in the near future.